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Race Report

The second race of the L&D league programme was incorporated into the the Liverpool Cross Challenge at Sefton Park. On a sunny afternoon the league completed the senior races with 103 female and 191 male representatives. Team glory went to Liverpool Harriers as they finished first in both races, the individual winners both came from Wirral AC as Sophie Tarver and Joe Wigfield took the honours.

Team Results Table
Team Results Race 2 Sefton Park
Ladies 5 miles
Men 6 miles
1Liverpool Harriers badge
Liverpool Harriers456781040Senior Men
2Liverpool Pembroke Sefton badge
Liverpool Pembroke Sefton3923264143145Senior Men
3Southport & Waterloo A C badge
Southport & Waterloo A C202429303134168Senior Men
4Wirral A C badge
Wirral A C11427384654180Senior Men
5Penny Lane Striders badge
Penny Lane Striders213536707585322Senior Men
6Wallasey A C badge
Wallasey A C112240768690325Senior Men
7Mossley Hill A C badge
Mossley Hill A C3252748099104441Senior Men
8Pensby Runners badge
Pensby Runners5968727991118487Senior Men
9St Helens Sutton A C badge
St Helens Sutton A C24973120125140509Senior Men
10Chester Tri badge
Chester Tri576281109116147572Senior Men
11Skelmersdale Boundary badgeSkelmersdale Boundary6061106115122154618Senior Men
12UTS Run Club badge
UTS Run Club5894105121134156668Senior Men
13Liverpool R C badge
Liverpool R C656971150151187693Senior Men
14Helsby R C badge
Helsby R C3384130132141174694Senior Men
15Liverpool Running Bugs badge
Liverpool Running Bugs108111112123131161746Senior Men
1Liverpool Harriers badge
Liverpool Harriers3471024Senior Women
2Wirral A C badge
Wirral A C1263140Senior Women
3Wallasey A C badge
Wallasey A C819222473Senior Women
4Helsby R C badge
Helsby R C1316214999Senior Women
5Mossley Hill A C badge
Mossley Hill A C12252739103Senior Women
6Liverpool Pembroke Sefton badge
Liverpool Pembroke Sefton5182953105Senior Women
7UTS Run Club badge
UTS Run Club15323340120Senior Women
8Penny Lane Striders badge
Penny Lane Striders23284754152Senior Women
9Pensby Runners badge
Pensby Runners35364355169Senior Women
10Southport & Waterloo A C badge
Southport & Waterloo A C17205875170Senior Women
11Skelmersdale Boundary badgeSkelmersdale Boundary9486880205Senior Women
12Knowsley Harriers badge
Knowsley Harriers526264100278Senior Women
1Liverpool Harriers badge
Liverpool Harriers524092Standings Senior Men
2Liverpool Pembroke Sefton badge
Liverpool Pembroke Sefton173145318Standings Senior Men
3Wirral A C badge
Wirral A C141180321Standings Senior Men
4Wallasey A C badge
Wallasey A C230325555Standings Senior Men
5St Helens Sutton A C badge
St Helens Sutton A C116509625Standings Senior Men
6Mossley Hill A C badge
Mossley Hill A C254441695Standings Senior Men
7Chester Tri badge
Chester Tri350572922Standings Senior Men
8Skelmersdale Boundary badgeSkelmersdale Boundary319618937Standings Senior Men
9UTS Run Club badge
UTS Run Club4166681084Standings Senior Men
1Wallasey A C badge
Wallasey A C3273105Standings Senior Women
2Mossley Hill A C badge
Mossley Hill A C100103203Standings Senior Women
3UTS Run Club badge
UTS Run Club152150302Standings Senior Women
4Skelmersdale Boundary badgeSkelmersdale Boundary119205324Standings Senior Women
Individual Results Table
Individual Results Race 2 Sefton Park
Ladies 5 miles
Men 6 miles
PositionNameClubGun timeGenderRace Number
1Joe WigfieldWirral A C00:29:30M1402
2Joe BuckleySt Helens Sutton A C00:31:30M1782
3Ross HarrisonLiverpool Pembroke Sefton00:31:43M1445
4Matt JacksonLiverpool Harriers00:31:47M1591
5Matthew LeahyLiverpool Harriers00:32:09M1592
6Ethan AckroydLiverpool Harriers00:32:31M1581
7Jon-Jo DohertyLiverpool Harriers00:32:53M1586
8Joe RobertsLiverpool Harriers00:33:11M1597
9Joseph NivenLiverpool Pembroke Sefton00:33:11M1476
10Matthew SkaiffeLiverpool Harriers00:33:51M4519
11Oliver ChadwickWallasey A C00:33:58M1808
12Mark RyanLiverpool Harriers00:34:01M1598
13Steve CampbellLiverpool Harriers00:34:03M1584
14Josh CrombleholmeWirral A C00:34:23M1265
15Ethan DunnLiverpool Harriers00:34:26M1587
16Lee SiemaszkoLiverpool Harriers00:34:44M1599
17Hywel CareLiverpool Harriers00:34:49M1585
18Dean HanwellLiverpool Harriers00:35:03M1590
19Ben MoorcroftLiverpool Harriers00:35:04M1595
20Ben JohnsonSouthport & Waterloo A C00:35:07M4872
21Sean JonesPenny Lane Striders00:35:09M1733
22Bradley WilliamsWallasey A C00:35:13M1823
23Daniel JonesLiverpool Pembroke Sefton00:35:24M1618
24Francois RaffertySouthport & Waterloo A C00:35:38M4894
25Tom WebsterLiverpool Harriers00:36:11M1601
26Alexander ProcterLiverpool Pembroke Sefton00:36:15M1623
27James MackieWirral A C00:36:29M1836
28Richard LysonsLiverpool Harriers00:36:35M1593
29Mark DunhamSouthport & Waterloo A C00:36:53M4864
30David HamiltonSouthport & Waterloo A C00:36:59M4867
31Andy VeeversSouthport & Waterloo A C00:37:06M4909
32Will HineMossley Hill A C00:37:27M1681
33Ian MayhewHelsby R C00:37:36M386
34Alex VernonSouthport & Waterloo A C00:37:37M4911
35Alex CowinPenny Lane Striders00:37:53M1727
36Rob EaglesPenny Lane Striders00:38:07M1729
37Daniel GriffithsMarsh Lane Harriers00:38:09M1656
38Gareth EarndenWirral A C00:38:10M1831
39John DelamereSouthport & Waterloo A C00:38:11M4862
40Rob PearseWallasey A C00:38:17M1815
41Kevin UsherLiverpool Pembroke Sefton00:38:18M1628
42Zucien MaleLiverpool Harriers00:38:28M1588
43Phil MacdonaldLiverpool Pembroke Sefton00:38:32M1619
44Adrian RoachLiverpool Harriers00:38:45M1596
45Alex WaddeloveSouthport & Waterloo A C00:38:49M4912
46Harry RoscoeWirral A C00:38:55M1495
47Thomas HarkinLiverpool Pembroke Sefton00:39:05M1616
48Matthew McLayMersey Tri00:39:09M1259
49Michael BrussellsSt Helens Sutton A C00:39:12M1781
50Matt TrippLiverpool Harriers00:39:22M1600
51James PaybodySouthport & Waterloo A C00:39:24M4892
52Vincent McCormackMossley Hill A C00:39:30M1684
53Lee MidghallLiverpool Harriers00:39:32M1594
54Mark HulmstonWirral A C00:39:37M1835
55Gavin MarsdenWirral A C00:39:43M1837
56Peter BrameLiverpool Harriers00:39:48M1582
57Sam EvansChester Tri00:39:51M1536
58Jon WellsUTS Run Club00:39:55M1858
59Mark SmithPensby Runners00:39:59M1769
60Phillip DerrySkelmersdale Boundary00:40:00M4812
61Tom CocksSkelmersdale Boundary00:40:03M4809
62Michael WaringChester Tri00:40:05M1542
63Jack ButterworthMarsh Lane Harriers00:40:07M1655
64Ben StonesMersey Tri00:40:11M1380
65Alex RigbyLiverpool R C00:40:19M1651
66Ken LennonSouthport & Waterloo A C00:40:23M4876
67Richard BarghWirral A C00:40:33M1830
68Richard PickeringPensby Runners00:40:51M1762
69David ReaLiverpool R C00:41:17M1649
70George AylwardPenny Lane Striders00:41:19M1722
71David LawtonLiverpool R C00:41:24M1647
72Warren McNallyPensby Runners00:41:25M1759
73Chris BirkettSt Helens Sutton A C00:41:30M1779
74Alan HeroMossley Hill A C00:41:35M1680
75Paul RileyPenny Lane Striders00:41:35M1738
76Phil CuthbertWallasey A C00:41:37M1810
77Philip TaylorKnowsley Harriers00:41:46M1570
78John SpracklandSouthport & Waterloo A C00:41:48M4903
79John SimpsonPensby Runners00:41:49M1768
80John GolsonMossley Hill A C00:41:50M1678
81Iain WedgeChester Tri00:42:01M1543
82Michael GallLiverpool Pembroke Sefton00:42:03M1615
83Patrick ReillyMarsh Lane Harriers00:42:08M1659
84Benjamin TumiltyHelsby R C00:42:09M370
85Michael O'RourkePenny Lane Striders00:42:09M1737
86Scott EvesWallasey A C00:42:12M1812
87Ben ColesPenny Lane Striders00:42:16M1724
88Chris BallWirral A C00:42:17M1829
89Marc SingerSouthport & Waterloo A C00:42:18M4901
90Matt GillbanksWallasey A C00:42:20M1813
91Ralph PawlingPensby Runners00:42:26M1761
92Sam WoodsWallasey A C00:42:28M1809
93Anthony BarbatWallasey A C00:42:32M1804
94Matt GrahamUTS Run Club00:42:45M1851
95Mitchell WellsSouthport & Waterloo A C00:42:48M4916
96Mark PoustieWallasey A C00:42:50M1819
97Keith SwiftSouthport & Waterloo A C00:42:59M4906
98Michael LynchMarsh Lane Harriers00:43:01M1658
99Paul SkaifeMossley Hill A C00:43:06M1688
100Abdulla Al KuwariLiverpool Harriers00:43:07M1411
101Dave WrightSouthport & Waterloo A C00:43:12M4918
102Matt DuttonPenny Lane Striders00:43:18M1728
103Steve WardSouthport & Waterloo A C00:43:26M4914
104Dom CooperMossley Hill A C00:43:27M1674
105Will ReddingUTS Run Club00:43:32M1854
106Jim DysonSkelmersdale Boundary00:43:40M4815
107Richard ThorpePenny Lane Striders00:43:41M1741
108Ian HewittLiverpool Running Bugs00:43:46M1640
109Eddie AustinChester Tri00:43:47M1535
110Paul GrayPenny Lane Striders00:43:52M1731
111Peter LeeLiverpool Running Bugs00:44:12M1641
112Ash StillwellLiverpool Running Bugs00:44:23M1646
113Eamonn CullenMossley Hill A C00:44:24M1675
114Stephen TomlinsonKnowsley Harriers00:44:40M1571
115Daniel GilbodySkelmersdale Boundary00:44:42M4820
116Derek GibbonChester Tri00:44:51M1538
117Billy DeanMossley Hill A C00:44:52M1676
118Patrik CorriganPensby Runners00:44:55M1754
119Tony MetcalfeMossley Hill A C00:44:55M1685
120Barry GraneySt Helens Sutton A C00:44:59M1783
121Neil BeckettUTS Run Club00:45:10M1849
122Paul CheethamSkelmersdale Boundary00:45:31M4807
123James StanleyLiverpool Running Bugs00:45:39M1645
124Richard ShaylePensby Runners00:45:48M1767
125Martin JohnsonSt Helens Sutton A C00:45:50M1784
126Mark HudsonLiverpool Pembroke Sefton00:45:54M1617
127Keith DunhamPensby Runners00:46:12M1756
128Nick WilsonWirral A C00:46:15M1840
129Adam JonesMossley Hill A C00:46:24M1682
130Kevin SmallwoodHelsby R C00:46:34M384
131Gary CassidyLiverpool Running Bugs00:46:44M1637
132John WhiteheadHelsby R C00:46:56M396
133David HemmingsSouthport & Waterloo A C00:46:58M4868
134Matt RoutledgeUTS Run Club00:47:13M1855
135Sam MoranSouthport & Waterloo A C00:47:15M4886
136Graham CuddySouthport & Waterloo A C00:47:28M4857
137Josh AyresMossley Hill A C00:47:28M1673
138Neil WongPensby Runners00:47:32M1772
139Rob ChalmersPensby Runners00:47:36M1753
140Paul BrownbillSt Helens Sutton A C00:47:48M1780
141Chris GreenHelsby R C00:47:51M402
142Terry LynchPenny Lane Striders00:47:57M1734
143Mark BlackburnMersey Tri00:48:20M1246
144Jake ThomsonPensby Runners00:48:23M1771
145Neil RobertsLiverpool Pembroke Sefton00:48:24M1625
146Adam GilbertMossley Hill A C00:48:26M1677
147Chris RhodesChester Tri00:48:28M1541
148Ian McCarthyKnowsley Harriers00:48:28M1566
149John SuckleyPensby Runners00:48:46M1770
150Jon ReynoldsLiverpool R C00:48:48M1650
151George PierceLiverpool R C00:48:52M1648
152Iain ArnisonPensby Runners00:48:56M1751
153Peter HeronMersey Tri00:48:59M1705
154Nick PaulSkelmersdale Boundary00:49:36M4833
155Peter BarhamWallasey A C00:49:38M1805
156Andy LoftusUTS Run Club00:49:46M1853
157Toby PogsonChester Tri00:49:47M1540
158Alan SpinksMossley Hill A C00:49:51M1689
159Alan McDermottPenny Lane Striders00:49:57M1735
160Paul AlexanderPensby Runners00:50:04M1750
161Tom PattonLiverpool Running Bugs00:50:28M1642
162Tim RaynorLiverpool Running Bugs00:50:47M1644
163John BrownPenny Lane Striders00:50:58M1721
164Ian SadlerPenny Lane Striders00:51:00M1739
165Kieron CarrLiverpool Running Bugs00:51:18M1636
166Shaun GeoghanLiverpool Running Bugs00:51:30M1638
167Joshua Rawlins-WilliamsMossley Hill A C00:51:47M1687
168Barry RyderSkelmersdale Boundary00:52:02M4834
169Leon SummerfieldWallasey A C00:52:04M1821
170Andrew ConwayLiverpool Pembroke Sefton00:52:11M1612
171Neil JenkinsChester Tri00:52:19M1539
172Ian FitzpatrickChester Tri00:52:32M1537
173Philip StanleyUTS Run Club00:53:08M1856
174Steve RileyHelsby R C00:53:17M502
175Tony HartLiverpool Running Bugs00:53:24M1639
176Alasdair RoxburghWallasey A C00:53:40M1817
177Kristian KaminskiMossley Hill A C00:53:46M1683
178Paul LandSkelmersdale Boundary00:54:02M4830
179William MerrittKnowsley Harriers00:54:13M1567
180Lee CouplandSouthport & Waterloo A C00:54:24M4856
181Dave McAlisterWallasey A C00:54:38M1814
182Glyn HowesChester Tri00:55:27M1544
183Alex RaeMossley Hill A C00:55:30M1686
184Joe McGlynnPenny Lane Striders00:56:30M1736
185Ian PikeSouthport & Waterloo A C00:56:37M4893
186Alan SpencerKnowsley Harriers00:56:43M1569
187Mark ScottLiverpool R C00:57:22M1653
188Tommy BurkePenny Lane Striders00:57:38M1723
189Leslie EdwardsPenny Lane Striders01:01:57M1730
190John NolanPensby Runners01:04:06M1760
191Richie HarmsworthMossley Hill A C01:04:58M1679
1Sophie TarverWirral A C00:28:07F1151
2Juliet HodderWirral A C00:29:42F1099
3Niamh DonnellyLiverpool Harriers00:31:14F1573
4Alex O'BrienLiverpool Harriers00:31:32F1576
5Debra CrookLiverpool Pembroke Sefton00:32:11F1604
6Katie BagleyWirral A C00:32:27F1824
7Holly LoveLiverpool Harriers00:33:00F1575
8Rebecca BlacklockWallasey A C00:33:46F1790
9Maria CookSkelmersdale Boundary00:33:56F4810
10Sasha RyanLiverpool Harriers00:34:03F1579
11Fiona CorrickLiverpool Harriers00:34:08F1572
12Laura ReillyMossley Hill A C00:34:28F1668
13June WhiteheadHelsby R C00:34:40F4495
14Abigail PreeceLiverpool Harriers00:34:53F1577
15Jordan FosterUTS Run Club00:34:54F1844
16Alison HalsallHelsby R C00:36:06F4558
17Katie LeeSouthport & Waterloo A C00:36:13F4875
18Rachel YatesLiverpool Pembroke Sefton00:36:14F1609
19Anna KennyWallasey A C00:36:22F1797
20Andrea ScarboroughSouthport & Waterloo A C00:37:22F4897
21Laura Baynham-HughesHelsby R C00:37:43F497
22Elaine OparaWallasey A C00:37:48F1800
23Lenka VidamourPenny Lane Striders00:37:53F1720
24Michele AltyWallasey A C00:37:54F1787
25Tilly BrindleMossley Hill A C00:37:56F1661
26Vicki McConnellWallasey A C00:38:01F1799
27Hannah SkaifeMossley Hill A C00:38:10F1669
28Hayley FaircloughPenny Lane Striders00:38:33F1713
29Lisa ProcterLiverpool Pembroke Sefton00:38:46F1607
30Gemma KellyChester Tri00:38:46F1530
31Bree SutcliffeWirral A C00:39:04F1828
32Catherine ReillyUTS Run Club00:39:04F1847
33Fiona AllenUTS Run Club00:39:05F1841
34Kirsty SeddonChester Tri00:39:05F1532
35Wendy LeePensby Runners00:39:26F1745
36Alison LeatherbarrowPensby Runners00:39:42F1744
37Jan McardWallasey A C00:39:47F1798
38Angela DelaneyMersey Tri00:39:58F1701
39Olivia BrownMossley Hill A C00:40:07F1662
40Esther LindesayUTS Run Club00:40:10F1667
41Kirsty GreenwoodWallasey A C00:40:10F1795
42Kat CowdrayWallasey A C00:40:11F1791
43Alexandra RoydenPensby Runners00:40:17F1749
44Sue JohnsonSt Helens Sutton A C00:40:18F1776
45Helen StansfieldWallasey A C00:40:21F1803
46Ellie FieldingMossley Hill A C00:40:31F1663
47Sarah JacksonPenny Lane Striders00:40:48F1715
48Victoria GilbodySkelmersdale Boundary00:40:56F4821
49Kathryn SchofieldHelsby R C00:41:00F499
50Collette ChapmanMersey Tri00:41:05F1704
51Zoe CrispWallasey A C00:41:24F1792
52Stephanie McBrideKnowsley Harriers00:41:28F1120
53Katherine ClancyLiverpool Pembroke Sefton00:41:43F1603
54Dawn FaircloughPenny Lane Striders00:41:44F1714
55Claudia PagoulatouPensby Runners00:41:45F1748
56Sharon GoldrickWirral A C00:41:46F1826
57Annmarie RileyPenny Lane Striders00:41:58F1718
58Carole JamesSouthport & Waterloo A C00:42:03F4870
59Sarah BirkettSt Helens Sutton A C00:42:07F1775
60Zoe BarrettMossley Hill A C00:42:09F1660
61Claire SkeaLiverpool Running Bugs00:42:12F1634
62Ann-Marie McCarthyKnowsley Harriers00:42:14F1564
63Kathleen RigbyChester Tri00:42:22F1531
64Andrea NewnesKnowsley Harriers00:42:28F1565
65Lisa CusackPenny Lane Striders00:42:48F1711
66Rachael StamperMossley Hill A C00:43:00F1671
67Kam DosanjhPenny Lane Striders00:43:11F1712
68Anna WilliamsSkelmersdale Boundary00:43:13F4842
69Isabella CuthbertWallasey A C00:43:20F1785
70Bal JohnsonUTS Run Club00:43:39F1845
71Tracey SherlockUTS Run Club00:44:00F1848
72Becky VarnousePenny Lane Striders00:44:20F1719
73Maria HunterWallasey A C00:44:32F1796
74Katharine RobertsonMersey Tri00:44:41F1702
75Gemma DelamereSouthport & Waterloo A C00:44:43F4861
76Helen LodgeSouthport & Waterloo A C00:45:00F4877
77Katy CouplandSouthport & Waterloo A C00:45:08F4855
78Debbie ReadHelsby R C00:45:12F4550
79Joanne FraserWirral A C00:45:16F1825
80Michelle LoughlinSkelmersdale Boundary00:45:18F4848
81Helen MeasuresPensby Runners00:45:29F1747
82Tracy BerryLiverpool Pembroke Sefton00:45:56F1602
83Sharon RobertsLiverpool Pembroke Sefton00:45:57F1608
84Julie BarbatWallasey A C00:45:59F1789
85Emily AstleyPensby Runners00:46:44F1742
86Lydia ReynoldsWallasey A C00:47:00F1801
87Lynda BayleyPensby Runners00:47:33F1743
88Catherine GannonMossley Hill A C00:47:43F1665
89Sue BeckettUTS Run Club00:47:59F1842
90Susan MairePensby Runners00:48:10F1746
91Andrea WelshSkelmersdale Boundary00:48:14F4840
92Rebecca FoyMossley Hill A C00:48:17F1664
93Wendy OsbornePenny Lane Striders00:48:17F1717
94Lesley-Anne CuckseyWallasey A C00:48:55F1793
95Sue StewartSouthport & Waterloo A C00:49:06F4904
96Dianne SorensenMossley Hill A C00:49:43F1670
97Ruth FisherUTS Run Club00:51:01F1843
98Nicci DaviesWallasey A C00:51:17F1794
99Uyai IkpattWirral A C00:53:47F462
100Samantha GothardKnowsley Harriers00:57:06F1563
101Ursula CheethamSkelmersdale Boundary00:57:43F4808
102Katherine AndrewsWallasey A C01:00:53F1788
103Nicci ChapmanWallasey A C01:00:53F1802